Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Gengahr - Powder

Seems like formerly-blissed-out Londoners Gengahr have added some serious punch to their sound in the time that I've been away. Their debut 'Demo EP', released in the early stages of 2014, was a delightfully woozy affair with menacingly dark, psychedelic undertones. With lazy, swaggering vocals and understated guitar hooks adding to the lo-fi sound, it was a devilishly addictive listen.

Now, they have returned with their first single 'proper': 'Powder'. Though it kicks off in similar fashion to their recorded output - those trademark scruffy vocals coupled with a low-key production - it soon transforms into a different beast altogether. Grungy 90s guitar hooks eventually overcome and dominate the song as it reaches it's thrilling conclusion, the ante slowly ramped up and up as those vocals remain: the melodic calm amidst the ever-growing storm.

'Powder' is a slow-burning rocker boasting a delicious melody and some truly virtuoso lead guitar work. An exciting new tune from one of my new favourite bands - soon they'll be your favourites, too.

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