Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Midweek Mixtape #6

After first thrusting themselves into view with the release of their no nonsense self-titled debut album earlier this year, the stock of Leeds punk rockers Eagulls has continued to rise with two recent scintillating performances on Letterman and Jools Holland. Their confrontational punk rock isn't displayed any better than in 'Possessed', as cascading, fuzzed out riffs collide with pounding drums and aggressive, shouty vocals to create an enticingly-toxic melting pot of noise.

Anton Newcombe may be a divisive figure at the best of times, but it is hard to argue with the peaks of The Brian Jonestown Massacre's long and occasionally-frustrating discography. When he's on form, such as in 1996's Take It From The Man!, there are surely few songwriters more talented than the enigmatic Newcombe. 'Memory Camp', the stand-out track from latest album Revelation, sees the band returning to scale those huge mid-90s peaks once again.

Mac DeMarco is another hugely talented songwriter making a welcome return: this time with the critically-lauded Salad Days, backed by the hugely enjoyable 'Passing Out Pieces'. A careful evolution rather than revolution from his earlier sound, don't let his 'oddball' persona mislead you into thinking his music is equally slack and carefree: 'Passing Out Pieces' is delicately put together with a sheen and confidence that mirrors DeMarco's flourishing skills as a songwriter.

Leamington Spa two-piece Coves are a group of counterpoints and contrasts: a boy and girl, guitar and drum duo who mesh crashing blues numbers with dreamy electronic sounds to create beguiling songs more reminiscent of the L.A. sun than the undoubted delights of urban Warwickshire. 'Beatings' sums up this intriguing aesthetic as it soars with the repeated line My heart stops beating for you before slipping into a psychedelic crack-out in its stunning finale: distorted guitars, crashing drums and bleeps and glitches battling for precedence at the heart of this psych-rock behemoth.

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