Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Midweek Mixtape #2

Although I regrettably wasn't able to provide y'all with an album this week, I'm back to give you a rundown of some of the coolest stuff that I've heard this week.

Liars - Vox Tuned D.E.D.

Three-piece New York group Liars have never been afraid to switch up genres. After flitting from punk, post-punk, noise rock and beyond, they're currently testing the waters of deep, dark, experimental electronic music. Interestingly, a common ploy for the group is to immerse themselves in the culture of another city before producing their new record: from a cabin in the New Jersey woods to the dripping-in-history city of Berlin, they've never been shy to relocate. Although much of the material for their latest album, Mess, was recorded at their home studio in L.A., it hasn't stopped them from creating what is arguably their most daring effort yet. Vox Tuned D.E.D. is dark, brilliantly challenging and challengingly brilliant.

Captain Murphy - Duality

Just in case Steven Ellison's brilliantly experimental albums under the Flying Lotus name weren't enough, in 2012 he dropped the Duality mixtape under his other moniker, Captain Murphy. Featuring a guest appearance from Earl Sweatshirt, the album is ferocious hip-hop bathed in psychedelia and interspersed with old spoken word clips. Accompanied by a quite frankly disturbing video, Duality hits hard in both its confrontational lyrical style and musical nature that matches the experimental reach of FlyLo. A must watch.

The Voluntary Butler Scheme - Brain Freeze

A catchy, brass-laden effort with a funky guitar line and memorable lyrics: solo artist Rob Jones has managed to pack plenty of elements into this bubblegum pop gem, and its infectious melody and addictive nature are pretty symbolic of the whole aesthetic of his third solo album, A Million Ways To Make Gold. The West Midlands-based artist is pretty likely to feature again on this blog, but for now, check 'Brain Freeze' out.

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