Friday, 7 March 2014

Three Tracks A Week

OK. An apology. I promise you one album a week. The name of this blog is 'One Album A Week', and save for a crazy few weeks in November, I've generally delivered on that ambitious promise. But, this week I can't give you what you want, and for that, I apologise. For now, I feel like I'm above all this one album a week nonsense*, so instead, I'm going to tip you off about a few awesome new songs that I've been sent instead. They span quite a few different genres, so there's bound to be something you like, nay, LOVE here.


Dojo - Give Me Love

First up, some extremely soulful reggae from East London collective Dojo. Lead singer Khanyisa Twani left a South Africa fresh out of apartheid at the age of five for a new life here on our fair shores, and before too long she got together this quartet. Thank God she did. Give Me Love is an uplifting slice of Caribbean-inflected goodness complete with a sax solo, that AMAZING voice and chorus so catchy you'll be desperate to catch the next flight to Jamaica (geddit!?). I can feel summer coming along already...

The Assist - Speak It Aloud

Next, and a bit of indie music that distances itself way away from what you might consider 'landfill'. There's been a bit of renaissance of intelligent indie recently, and this Walsall four-piece have carried that on with Speak It Aloud. They've managed to pack a fair amount into this track - slap bass, an instrumental intro, a few choruses and an instrumental outro for good measure - yet somehow you're still left wanting more after just shy of 3 minutes. The Assist aren't messing around - this is a fat-free banger from a band on the up.

Wreaths - Goin' Back to Haiti

Don't be intimidated by that 14:50 length on this video. Firstly, the song itself is only thirteen glorious minutes long, and secondly, once you tune in you'll find it almost impossible to tune back out of this noisy, incessant psych fest. Unashamedly recalling My Bloody Valentine and Spacemen 3, this song weaves in and out of consciousness with its hypnotic bass line, pounding drums and spaced-out vocals before reaching a thumping crescendo and coming crashing back down to earth. One for the dreamers.

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